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Stop the Bedbugs from Biting You. In past months, New York City has gone through an upsurge in the number of bedbugs that have been discovered. No one is immune from these invaders - not even the priciest regions or the fanciest hotels. The issue has started to be so dangerous that an Upper West Side Councilwoman has asked the city to form a bedbug task force to look into the issue.

Data On the Subject of Bedbugs Bedbugs are just about the size of an apple seed, are rust-colored, and do not possess wings. Bedbugs head out just at night to feast on human blood. The heat created by humans attracts the bedbugs, who enjoy dining on arms and shoulders. Provided their size, bedbugs are ready to set themselves in small cracks or crevices. Their perfect habitat includes beds and mattresses, since those locations offer an abundance of food.

Bedbugs may live in other spots besides beds. Consequently, what are some other homing spots?

- Floorboards. Bugs hide between them.
- In a wall that may be chipped or damaged
- Deep in the carpeting
- Furniture. The cracks and seams are the ideal spots. Bed frames are another favorite.
- Behind wallpaper that has gotten unglued
- Within Paint that is bubbling or peeling
- The Proper Avenue of Bed Bug Removal
- Be sure to absolutely launder, vacuum or clean all likely affected bedding and surfaces.

Use a vacuum cleaner to all mattresses, encase them in plastic, and place them outdoors in a sunlit area for as long as you can.

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